Winches Plus
MileMarker Winches

5400 lbs. - Gas Power - Fast Line Speed

  • Counterbalance valve for load control
  • Electric control valve with remote hand controller
  • 22 feet per minute cable speed average
  • Two speed gearbox on winch
  • Contains both hydraulic fluid cooler & filter
  • 12k winch body coupled with high speed hydraulic motor
  • Variable engine throttle for even wider speed and power ranges
  • Rear tie down loops
  • Steel tubing handles for easy carrying

  • Manual control valve instead of electric control valve (same price)
Rated Line Pull  (single line) Low Gear - 5,400 lbs
High Gear - 900 lbs
Line Speed (at any load, including rated maximum) Low Gear - Average 22 fpm
High Gear - Average 120fpm
Cable 200' x 1/4" Aircraft Cable with hook.
7000 lbs nominal strength
Engine 5.5 HP Honda
Dimensions 24" long  x 24" wide x 18" high
Weight 150 lbs