Winches Plus

Winch Pump

It runs on gasoline and makes hydraulic pressure to operate a winch.
  • This hydraulic pump makes 5 gpm @ 1500 psi.  (A typical truck or jeep pump makes 2.5 to 3 gpm @ 1400 psi)  As a result, a connected winch will have faster line speeds than when mounted in a vehicle.
  • Comes with 6 ft. hoses and fittings for connection to any 70 series winch. (not pictured)
  • Hydraulic quick disconnect fittings
  • Electric solenoid control valve powered directly from engine
  • Includes 12' remote hand controller (not pictured)
  • System has integrated pressure relief valve as well as hydraulic fluid cooler & filter
  • Variable engine throttle for even wider speed and power ranges
  • Four holes in the perimeter of the base for permanant mounting
  • Steel tubing handles for easy carrying
Physical Specifications
Engine 5.5 HP Honda with 12V coil.
Model GX160
Dimensions 17" long  x 24" wide x 17" high
74 lbs